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dry land with one leafless tree and dry soil


Some people are being drawn into conflict. When I turn on the news, or pay more close attention to what the intention of most discourses that I listen, conflict is the intention p...

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young adult writing on blackboard


With Enlightment and it’s notion, came the Knowledge and it’s culture. Knowledge is the honouring of a grasping mind :wink:

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computer screen with a code editor

Remove default dictionary from Sublime Text

Intro This post is useful if you want to add custom dictionaries to your Sublime Text spell checking.

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a pair of binoculars

Learn great Firefox search skills

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chess battle

I have a warning

Being circuncised led me to experiences, what is believed by me to be outter world. I will be writing this experiences also in English, from now on. I have writted in past time on...

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london city with a bridge

My English Blog

Currently I’m not planning writing my blog in English. So to read my posts please go to my Blog in Portuguese.

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